Saturday, October 18, 2008

Those Christian People

Been busy folks. Busy busy busy. No time for the Food Diary, no time to eat. Did I mention I was busy? I just composed a complete blog post with pictures mind you over at NLNS as I was cooking dinner and entertaining Sugarbaby. Here's the link to my Autumn Pork Roast recipe in case you're interested.

We did the family thing today, minus the hubby, and went out to Wheels and Wings. Supergrandma came with and took the Monster on his very first plane ride. It was a pretty good turn out for our little town, but I expected nothing less with the CMA in town. The Monster noticed all the motorcycles and asked what was up. I told him about the Christian Motorcyclists Association and how they come to our area once a year for a big gathering. He needed more explaining on the definition of a Christian so I cleared that up the best I could. As we were pulling in the airfield he saw more bikers and said, "Look, there's more of those Christian people."

You just had to be there.

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