Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Crunchy...Sort of

Today I found my newest identity (how many does she have you might wonder?). I discovered a new blog to add to my roll called The Not Quite Crunchy Parent.This sums me up right about now. I've been working towards adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle for myself and family and I'll tell you its a slow process to go through here in southern Arkansas. Some of the few things we have actually implemented on a daily basis: using kitchen cloth instead of paper, cleaning with household items (vinegar, baking soda, etc.), ditching plastic water bottles and sippy cups in favor of reusable options. Next on my list is hitting up the farmers market on a regular basis, cloth diapering, and using organic body care products.So right now we are kind of in the middle, and that's why I love the crunchy parent blog. Relevant information and links for families like mine that are embracing the green change at a time.

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