Wednesday, February 27, 2008

El Bano? No Way Jose'

Question: How do I reverse a potty training mistake?Maybe its more of a technical oversight than a mistake.
We are in the midst of the potty training blues with Cashman. He has no problem going to use the potty when he needs to. No problem at all. Except that he insists on standing on the potty and peeing over the back of it. And I am starting to get real tired of cleaning urine off the floor. Hence the problem.Try and gently direct him to either stand in front of it....on the floor... or sit his bottom down on it, and a screaming devil emerges from my otherwise calm, enthusiastic bathroomgoer. Eyes glowing, horns sprouting, eardrum piercing wail. Not pretty.It's been suggested that I put the child sized potty directly in front of the toilet and let him stand on it as he wishes. No go. Refer to previous description of demon transformation.So....I give up. I can't seem to fix the problem and I surely can't reverse time and start over where we began 3 months ago. Hopefully he'll get the picture. That or he's going to have to get real handy with a mop.

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