Wednesday, February 27, 2008

At Least I Think I'm A Winner

Woooooohooooo! I love free stuff! I especially love free baby stuff when my lil girl is set to arrive very soon. Check out these cool glass baby bottles by Silikids that I won from Mindful Momma. They're keeping in touch with the green trend I'm trying to cultivate with this my last child. The bottles are a classic Evenflo nurser with a special silicone sleeve that protects them from breakage, makes gripping easier, and regulates and insulates. I couldn't be happier to have won the free giveway and I'm about to log on to purchase some more of these eco-friendly bottles. With the recent BPA scare in sippys, bottles, and formula cans it makes going green even easier to swallow.

1 comment:

  1. These are neat-o toledo! I'd never seen 'em 'afore!

    : ) p.s. It's poobsy again...I'm not in the mood to create an account.....


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