Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Intelligender Says What?

I am pregnant. I've been that way for approximately 26 weeks now. This being my third and final child I was so hoping for a girl. Being the impatient person I am I couldn't stand waiting until that 20 week ultrasound so I decided to try the newest in gender detection technology. Intelligender to the rescue.This test works something like the Drano test. You pee in a cup, put the correct amount of pee into another cup full of stuff (seriously it looks like dryer lint and rock salt with some metal shavings mixed in) wait five minutes and presto, you have your gender. I very excitedly completed my test, just knowing that I was surely due a girl result, after all I have put in my dues raising boys so far. But sadly, my result showed boy. I was a bit downtrodden but oh well, what's a pregnant girl to do but cry a bit, eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's, and get on with it.Fast forward 13 weeks to my ultrasound......and the verdict is......GIRL! Jeez louise am I a happy camper. Turns out my Intelligender along with 11 out of the 22 women who took it in my online preggie mommas group was wrong. Half of us! That's what 50%. Isn't that your chance of getting what gender you want anyways?But if your curious, just click on the pink and blue box above and check out Intelligender for yourself.

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