Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flip That Man

Ever watch that show Flip That House? Yeah, me too. I'm a home improvement addict, but I don't go for Trading Spaces cause that's just cheap.
I would like to introduce you to my hubby but its a difficult thing to do in a blog when the hubby won't let me post pics of him. It would be necessary for you too meet the before hubby as opposed to the after hubby for you to understand the transformation that has taken place and all the hard work I put into him.

Before Hubby-
  • lived in an apartment with 7 people (a very very nasty apartment where I hovered over the toilet seat everytime I visited)
  • walked to work and class because he had no car
  • said work was 15 hours a week at a pizza joint
  • bummed rides and smokes from anyone who had them to offer
  • slept all day, partied all night
  • I was not his only girlfriend

After Hubby-

  • lives in very nice 3 bedroom house with wife & 2 kids
  • works 50 hrs. a week at family business that he will soon own
  • just bought afore mentioned wife new vehicle to go with the one he drives
  • only drinks on weekends and doesn't have to bum smokes anymore
  • is expecting third child, first daughter and is one of those overly proud papa types
  • makes silly faces during bathtime, reads stories, and vanquishes monsters

And all this only took 3 years to complete. Anyone who knew my husband prior to his infatuation with me wouldn't recognize him. Physically, maybe, but behaviorally no way. And one might say, "Why change someone, shouldn't you love them for who they are?" And I might reply, "Yes of course. I loved him for who he is and also for the potential I saw beneath the dirty hippie he was on his way to becoming." I didn't change his core being or the goodness of his soul. I just offered him a chance at a family, a regular income, a comfortable bed, and a bar of soap. And you know what...he jumped at it.


  1. Great post! I can see why Ashley loves you. :) I'll be back.

    -Renee (aka The Renee on Ashley's Closet, 'cuz I'm famous like that)

  2. Welcome Renee and you better come back, but don't worry I won't tell Ashley. She likes her stalkers to only stalk her. Ashley telling Ashley. Geez this could get confusing.


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