Monday, September 5, 2016

The Grass Might Not Be Greener But Sand Isn't Green

Some days I just want to chuck it all and run away.

Preferably somewhere warm and sandy.

This woman had the right idea. Albeit much less responsibilities and commitments than I.

Of course I would take the kids and most days I would take the husband.

I stepped out on my back porch this morning. The cool crisp pre-Fall air raising bumps on my skin. Expecting to relax and enjoy my vast backyard and all its inhabitants, I was instead treated to Jake breaks from a semi truck on the major highway nearby. I've often mentioned that we live in what I like to call a hamlet. A tiny village of no more than 500 within its village limits. Many more live spread out through the surrounding countryside. Although we technically live in town its definitely country town. Just enough greenery and wildlife and star gazing to trick you into thinking you are far away from civilization. Then you witness all kind of craziness on the road in front of your house and remember that are smack dab in the middle of a town and this town is far from civilized.

At this point I'm seriously contemplating the logistics of relocating.

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