Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Is It Fall Yet?

I don't mean to be wishing Summer away but oh man it is some kinda hot in an Arkansas August. We spent last weekend in the beautiful Shady Mountains and I couldn't help but drag these early pumpkins along with us to pretty up the camp.

It kind of felt like a last hurrah to the dog days but I know it will still be hot for a long while. Our swimming and camping and lazing about is not over with yet.

This was only the second time we have taken the kids camping and it was easier this time than last. Maybe because we've upgraded some gear (and plan to continue to do). Maybe because we were camping outside a cabin with a bunch of other folks and we had access to a kitchen and bathroom (that really helped). Or maybe because with each day older our kids get, the easier it becomes to venture out in the world with them. They love the woods. They love camping. They spend hours upon hours in the river when allowed to.

There is really nothing better than a bunch of kids becoming best buds by the end of a weekend in the woods.

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  1. Still reading, not always commenting. Looks like you have had a good summer!


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