Friday, July 25, 2014


Yesterday I kept having these nagging thoughts of what it would be like to send the kids back to public school in the Fall.

We are wrapping up Week 3 of school and launching into a two week break (complete with Florida vacation) before picking back up again full time until Fall Break.

I have so much to do.

And that is so cliche' because everyone has so much to do.

But really. The. Amount. Of. Stuff. To. Be. Done. Is there ever an end?

Despite my daydreams of getting everything accomplished with a spotless house, I ultimately remembered why we are homeschooling in this season. I know why. My husband knows why. I'm pretty sure the kids know why. And should there come a time when they are older and want to attend a brick and mortar institution, we will most likely agree. As long as we all agree. Because we are in this together.

And that's what I'm going to tell them later when I make them help clean the house top to bottom. We all made the messes. We will clean the messes. We are in this together.


  1. Hi there! I found your blog via Small Things and when I read this post I just had to comment. We, too, homeschool, in rural NE and I have been on a crazy marathon to try to put the house back in order after a year-long craziness due to an illness with my husband. At times I thought I should just give up ... but the piles are gone and now we can finally operate from a place of peace in the house instead of ... well, chaos! There's such a fine line between cleaning and living, huh? Enjoy your day.

  2. I hear ya! We are struggling to get things "in order" after a difficult pregnancy (culminating in hospital bedrest/early delivery/NICU while on vacation out of state), etc. It's okay! Like you said, a family is in "this" together. And I firmly believe that the flexibility we are offered by homeschooling can only help. Sending you virtual cheers and encouragement!

  3. Hey, I follow your blog and I love what you are doing. I am the co-creator and editor for an anthology called Women in Nature on Children. If you have a short story you think is publishable send it my way. Find out more here: Hope to here from you soon!

  4. So true. So true. So true.


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