Saturday, July 26, 2014

Primal Hippie Eats & Workouts

Right now I workout about 4-5 times a week. One to two of those days consist of a run while the others are primarily body weight, bar, or freeweights routines. Sometimes I head outside for hill runs (I have a very steep backyard!), log jumps, and a bit of slackline (which I still suck at) practice.

For example yesterdays workout was:

1 mile treadmill run for a warm-up

followed by:

30 jumprope
1 min plank
25 squats
5 pushups

repeated 4 times with an additional 20 squats at the end.

Not too strenuous. But enough to get a good workout.

As far as eats go....

I decided to reintroduce dairy last week and my skin is paying for it. Otherwise I've been sticking to pretty strict Paleo. Everytime I indulge in some GF bread or some Paleofied dessert I just don't feel my best. So I've been keeping it pretty clean. I will start another Whole30 at the end of August and this time I am really looking forward to it.

It really is a journey. Forward and backward. Fall off, get back on. But you just keep going.

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  1. HI, just found you via Ginny's blog.
    I did the whole30 a few months ago and felt amazing and am intending to do it again in September. This time I'm planning it a bit better - preparing some freezer meals in advance so I don't get caught out at lunch times. Do you have any tried and tested recipes to share? I don't think I'm allergic to gluten but I certainly feel and look better (it bloats my eye's of all things) without it. Planning to get back into my exercise routine too - I like running but am not keeping to any kind of routine this summer and am paying for it!! I live in the alps so it's pretty hilly here too.
    Do you do over sea's orders? I'd love to try some of your products. Tried making homemade dish soap yesterday, bit it set to hard and I can hardly get it out of the bottle!! Want to try soap making but find it all a bit 'scary'!!!
    Love your spoons - we did some wood burning on kitchen spatulas the other day and I love the way they turned out.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Kindest regards from Chamonix, France.


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