Saturday, June 28, 2014

Whole30: Day 19

Whoa nellie this was a rough day.

We were traveling and in a urban area with a million amazing restaurants that I hold near and dear along with breweries and other off limits delights (frozen custard yo!) calling my name.

Luckily I get to go back next month with on a date night with Warren. I'm already planning my indulgences. Also, I want to note that my sugar cravings haven't really abated. I know I can't have it so I haven't even really wanted it but it is the first thing I plan on putting in my mouth when this is over. Sugar! Aaaahhhh!

Breakfast: Leftover cold salmon, avocado, scrambled eggs. Coffee with coconut milk.

Road snack 1: more coffee with coconut milk, Larabar.

Lunch: Bunless burger from Five Guys and water.

Dinner: Chipolte carnitas salad and guac.

I was really hungry and almost forgot to take a picture.

Road snack 2: cashews

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