Thursday, June 26, 2014

Whole30: Day 17

Today was good. I can see the downhill portion of this race now. I might still be a bit bored with food but I plan on scouting out some new recipes to liven it up in this last leg of the Whole30 journey.

I didn't eat breakfast today. I know. Bad.
I slept in till 10 and had a lunch date at 11:30 so I decided to call that Meal 1. It was a lovely salad from
American Artisans in downtown Mena. (please visit them if you are ever in the area)

Later in the afternoon I munched on a Key Lime Pie Larabar.

Dinner was Breakfast. Meaning it was one of those nights when I wasn't really hungry and certainly didn't want to cook.

Breakfast is the easiest and the best if you ask me!

Physically: I haven't been getting my required amount of sleep but that is totally my fault. Otherwise I feel pretty fantastic.

Mentally: Clear headed, alert, starting to really miss some things. Like wine. And beer. And chocolate. 

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