Monday, June 9, 2014

Whole30: Day 1

After spur of the moment deciding last night that a Whole30 was just the thing I needed, I was thankful I had done all that food prep yesterday. It made today go rather smoothly.

My last Whole30 ended tragically on Day 11 but good news...I still have my awesome binder!

Filled with lots of Whole30 guidelines and reassurance.
I'm relying on this binder, my copy of It Starts With Food, and Well Fed to get me through this. 
Yesterdays prep included:
making Chocolate Chili from Well Fed
grilling chicken thighs
baking a whole chicken
chopping onions
hardboiling eggs
making Paleo mayo from Nom Nom Paleo*
and slicing red peppers

 I got in a good full body workout this morning then commenced with breakfast. Breakfast was  coffee with coconut milk, sweet potato, scrambled egg, and sausage. Do I have to drink my coffee black? Cause I'm pretty sure coconut milk is allowed. Someone please tell me its allowed!

Lunch was quickly thrown together by grabbing some grilled chicken thighs, Paleo mayo, and numerous veggies and mixing it all up into one awesome chicken salad. I ate it on a bed of romaine and sprouts. For a minute I had a mini-panic attack about the sprouts. But they were totally compliant. Why wouldn't they be? They are green for goodness sake!

Despite being a bit tired, I skipped my normal afternoon coffee. Boooo! Dinner will be chocolate chili with shredded cabbage. I'm really looking forward to that. I love chili. Even in Summer. But lucky me, its cool and dreary out today so its really a perfect day for chili!
*I've tried more than a few Paleo mayo recipes, and Michelle's consistently works for me. 

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