Thursday, June 5, 2014

How Do You Homeschool?

When the books began arriving today, I felt the thrill.

New books! New curriculum! New history cycle! 4th grade math!

Okay, I admit I wasn't so excited about that last one.

Today is our last day of school before a one month break. That break is full of camps for each of the kids, but otherwise its just lots and lots of downtime. The only thing I require them to do is read. Everyday. Just for a bit. They get to pick the book. We still visit the library and their choices are entirely up to them.

After our month we launch into new curriculum and a few new ideas and strategies. I feel that you should always change it up. Find something to throw in for a while. Take away what isn't working.

For us the newest thing will be project-based learning. The kids will have free time each week to devote to a project of their choice. I just started this book in order to train myself on how best to facilitate them.

I'll be sure and give you an update once I am through the book. So far its looking like something that will flow well in our home. And funnily enough, Cash and Warren took on a bit of a project this week. They handed me a supply list and asked that I retrieve said items. I did and before I knew it there were numerous mini-crossbows shooting tiny projectiles across my house. Arts and crafts and science and weaponry all in one.

There have been a few articles on the web this week that really spoke to me. I wanted to share them with you outside of my regular Blog It! posts as they pertain to the topic of homeschooling.

First off, this gem from Design Mom. She did an interview with a fascinating homeschooled teenager. Let me just say, this girl and her brother? That's what I'm working towards with my kids.

This article by Rachael Turiel over at Simple Homeschool...well,  I could have written it. This is how I feel about homeschooling. This is what I want to say to people when they ask why I do it, or how do I do it. She is speaking my language. Way to go sister!

And with that, I'm off to rearrange more piles of books (did I mention they are everywhere at this point?), give one last math lesson, and head to the river for a celebratory swim!

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