Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What Easter Looked Like Around Here

I admit. I'm not that awesome at celebrating what I deem the "less important" holidays. I have little motivation to fuel the consumerism that is buying, decorating, then throwing away a lot of junk if it isn't a birthday or Christmas.

So for Easter this year, all my children got were cabbage dyed eggs and an ancient Easter tree along with perhaps the simplest offerings the Easter bunny has ever left.

I almost wanted to feel bad as I scrolled through each Instagram of elaborate baskets filled to the brim with goodies. But I didn't let myself. Instead I remembered my values and smiled about the fact my children were quite pleased with their little bit of chocolate, Lego Movie toy, and book. They loved the deep hues of our backyard brown eggs dyed naturally. They marveled over the old crafts that their grandma had hung on to for more than twenty years. After seeing their interest in those eggs I believe we might have to add to the collection next year.

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