Sunday, February 9, 2014

It’s As Essential As Air

I breathe music. I live and die music.
Jack Johnson makes my heart swoon. Led Zeppelin sends me way back. Kings of Leon writes and wails my life story. Nirvana still makes me feel rebellious. Jason Mraz makes me weak in the knees. STP gets my heart going. Not to mention Sublime, The Beatles, Soundgarden. I get lost in the lyrics of The Lumineers. I begrudgingly kind of love John Mayer. Silverchair and RHCP and Heart. Coldplay, oh my. Audioslave, The Weeks, Edward Sharpe.

My list would never end. Music shapes our days.

This makes me do nothing but smile. My heart is light. My love is big. Music makes it all go round.

Enough music? Never!
But, here are some interesting things also.
It’s okay to stop worrying about being judged.
Penelope gives her view on homeschoolers and college.
We are just itching to try this out. Our art knows no boundaries.
Homemade natural deodorant that works? I’m going to give it a shot.
Have you visited Mudpuddles to Meteors yet? Great resources for homeschooling Science.
I like her view on unschooling and why she trusts her kids.

Funny Cash quote- “Hey Mom! Did you know Boss is the color of the UPS truck?”
Boss is a German Shepherd.

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