Saturday, December 7, 2013

In The Dark


Friends the power just returned after going out and staying out since Thursday evening about 8pm. We've been making the most of it. Luckily we have an amazing woodstove that has a cooktop and an oven. It stayed cold enough outside that we were able to move all our food outside and not lose any of it. We also had hot water and were able use our regular stove since both of those appliances are gas. It was kind of sort of fun to use the French press for coffee, and I felt truly backwoods carrying pans of hot water out to the goats and chickens.

We managed to keep cell service and ran a generator to power parts of our store. It was nice being able to still run the business and supply people with food and other things they needed. Warren stayed extremely busy keeping it all together at our businesses while I tried to hold it together at home. I think the hardest part was keeping the kids entertained. During the day we soldiered on with school and did a bunch of reading. In the dark dark evenings there was Lego building and ecodough playing by lamplight. I knitted as much as I could.

Admittedly this ice storm was nothing like the few I dealt with as a teenager. I believe we were without power for nearly two weeks during one bad storm. Our part of Arkansas never seems to get the big snow, just the damaging ice.


  1. I was ready for a power outage. I was almost looking forward to it! My boys (husband and kids) have been behind a screen too much lately! So I was hoping they'd have to entertain themselves without electricity. But we did not get power outages up here in NWA. I am not complaining. The snow has been fun and we still have all our modern conveniences. Yet there is something nice about being forced to put down all our electronics for a day!

  2. Well, we are still without power in Shady! This is Day 7. :)
    AND I LOVE IT! Thanks to Sugar Britches, I got a chamomile-lavender-patchouli bubble bath last night and saw my legs for the first time in a week! Haha!
    Both of you are right - it is fun, it is empowering, it is quiet, and all the techy energy falls out of the air, and we can breathe again. Ahhh.....


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