Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Drawing Inward



Thanksgiving has come and gone and I’m not sure I have ever had a more pleasant one. I spent two full days in the kitchen (my favorite place to be anyways) and then stuffed myself silly with all kinds of off limits food for the next two days. Warren and I are still mostly on that no grains kick. He a bit more than I. I’m tempted to cheat. He’s very strict about it.

We drank a lot, visited even more. Watched the kids revel in their freedom from schoolwork and the joy of seeing cousins. This far flung family doesn’t really get together often enough. I sometimes wish for the type of weekly dinners and get-togethers I see in some families, but know its not really in the cards for us in this season of our life. Maybe when the kids are older and have their own families we can draw them all back to our home for food and good times.


It’s cold and predicted to be much colder by the weekend. Wool socks are a must, the wood stove is working overtime, the goats are shivering when I go out to see them in the mornings. They seem much appreciative of the extra hay I throw their way. I am positive Willow is pregnant and hopeful that Flower is too. That will mean milk in the spring! Stella is very much looking forward to milking a goat herself. I can’t wait to see that.

The baby chicks, who are no longer babies, have moved to the coop and are very happy with the big chickens. They all snuggle in at night and keep each other warm. So far all six appear to be hens, but I am the worst at sorting out the roosters until they really start acting like roosters, so who knows!



Admittedly this is my favorite time of year for homeschooling. The weather just begs us to hole up and read. The wood stove beckons us all to the dining room table where we do all our work anyways. Co-op takes a break for the year so our commitments are very few and far between. We can focus more on our home and each other and reestablish the rhythm that this introvert needs. In fact the majority of our household are introverts which suits us just fine. Although I do feel bad for our two extroverts at times. We just have to make an extra effort to get them around people other than us.

And as of this very moment, I am wishing for a nightstand to hold my cup of tea. I don’t really need a nightstand. In fact I am realizing I don’t really need too much of anything. But I’ve been replacing my nightly wine with tea for the past few days and I find it much cozier to take my tea in bed, but have nowhere to sit it. First world problems. I should just be grateful and get on with it. I’m learning. I’m getting there. One simple cup of tea at a time.

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