Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Roundup

Happy Holidays! Are you glad they are almost over? We admittedly had the most laid back, relaxed, no worries Christmas we’ve had in years. And admittedly I wish I was better about pulling out the big camera and taking pictures of my people on Christmas day but I suppose I was pretty laid back about that as well. But never mind. Here’s a quick holiday round up that I did manage to capture.
If you happen to be in Little Rock, please please please hit up ZaZa’s for the most amazing salads this side of the Rio Grande. My concoction: field greens, smoked turkey, hardboiled eggs, anchovies, capers, goat cheese, croutons, and cucumber dill dressing. Most epic salad ever! Close by is a little store called Yarn Mart. We visited twice during our time in Little Rock. My mother even fell a little bit in love with yarn.

xmas2013-16 (1)
The kids couldn’t resist this yarn bombed tree. I wanted to take it home.

xmas2013-11xmas2013-16 (3)xmas2013-16 (4)
Next up was the Museum of Discovery and then the grand finale…… tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra perform The Lost Christmas Eve. This was a terrific Christmas gift for the kids. They loved the trip and the concert and they will certainly remember it better than some toy.
xmas2013-16 (2)

And on to Christmas morning…
New SmartWool gear for me and a kickin pair of Sorels. Various home dairy items. The kids all got new Kleen Kanteens and a few different craft kits. Warren got new books and accessories for his various hobbies (think guitar, beehive, beer growlers). It was a very Minecraft Christmas for the boys and Santa came thru with Julie’s bed for Stella.
xmas2013-1xmas2013-2xmas2013-3xmas2013-4xmas2013-16 (6)xmas2013-16 (7)
And the day after brought nice weather and chance to test out new gifts. A slackline for the kids to share. Eli scored a camping hammock. Stella rocked some new outerwear and they built a goat playground for Willow.

I’m still all hopped up on sugar and carbs and alcohol and more than looking forward to a complete all over life detox in January 1st.

Hope your holidays were Merry & Bright! See you back here after the New Year.

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  1. Wow, your mom is beautiful, Ash! Your Christmas holidays sounded so nice and easygoing ... I'm envious! PS. Missed you too xo


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