Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I honestly didn't intend to go so long in between posts. So quick catch up!

I went trail running. But its been a few weeks ago. The sunrise is especially
 awesome in the woods this time of year.

We did the whole Halloween thing. We hardly ever do this. My kids
can't eat the candy anyways so we usually avoid it. This year they were more
about the dressing up part. Stella had never ever had makeup on before. I think that
was her favorite part.

Vampire Princess and Harry Potter.


Maggie and I dressed as twins. Yep. We are dorks.

I took this picture in an attempt to show my sister that I do
indeed have chickens with sexy hair.

We went hiking with the dogs and this happened on the way. Allie is
a neurotic car rider. Boss just doesn't care.

The woods were extra beautiful on top of Rich Mountain.

We traversed the trail down to a late 1800's stone reservoir that once
serviced Queen Wilhelmina Lodge.

I'm telling you the colors were amazing.

And once you got back up to the top, the sky was pretty amazing as well.


Stella and I bundled up to watch the last soccer game of the year.
Can I get a hallelujah?

I got an early birthday present from Warren. I love real wood products.

There were numerous moments over the last few weeks that I have been
ever grateful for the opportunity to homeschool my children.

And we are just almost done with the kitchen. It just needs grout and then I can
share the full transformation.

Girls night! Stuffed shrooms!

My crazy friend Emily, whom I adore.

And man oh man! It is cold in Arkansas right now. We're talking tights, flannels, and woolen
socks with coffee in hand at all times cold.

See? Cash insisted on doing his math lesson bundled to the max.
Okay! You are officially caught up.


  1. Love all of this!! It's tooooo long between postings from you, girl. Especially when I just came back to the blogosphere!! Ok, fine, I guess I won't make it all about me ;)

    Your life in photos is a breath of fresh air. You really capture the essence of Fall in your neck of the woods, and a simpler life. My girls and makeup is the exact same thing ... they are ecstatic over being able to wear it at Halloween. Love you and your twins costumes.

  2. Hmm. You DO have sexy haired chickens. How did I miss that??? Must be the tumor. LOL

    Looks as if everyone is doing well! Glad to see it. I don't miss cold, have I mentioned that?


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