Saturday, August 24, 2013

Primal Yuppies

So we have been plodding along with this Paleo/Primal way of life for over 8 months now. Warren still feels terrific. I am still at a plateau but otherwise feel pretty great. But there are times when we both feel kind of stuck up. Like, oh we are too good for any food that doesn't fit into our daily diet. Grains? Nah. Legumes? No way. Sugar? Only the kind found in maple syrup, honey, fruit, and the occasional coconut nectar.

As I have said before this has carried over into all areas of our life. We are more conscious about all the products we use. Whether its body care, our house, our clothing. So the other day Warren was presented with the problem of a squeaky door. I guess he wasn't interested in breathing in WD-40 so he Primalized the situation. What do most health conscious cooks own? A Misto of course. Ours was out of oil so he filled it up with avocado oil and greased that door down. No more squeaking. No harsh fumes. That's how Paleo folks tackle home maintenance.

Now I really feel like a yuppie.

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