Wednesday, December 5, 2012

snarky ecards for all!

So true. How do those ecards know? Every dang time.

I spend a lot of my day doing nothing. Sure I get up at 6am and go go go until 8pm, but there are a few hours in the middle of that and also the time from the kids heads hitting the pillows until mine does, that I major in time suckage. Internet time suckage. I don't even like to use the word suck. My mother didn't like me too either. Crap. I also couldn't say crap. So in turn I get on to my kids for those two words.

Pinterest? Love it. Love love love it. Also despise it for making me lose hours at a time out of my life. I could be reading Chaucer or creating new recipes or writing the next great American novel (yeah) or making friendship bracelet for my multitude of real live friends! Instead I am pinning things that I wish I could make if only I had the talent. Or wish I could buy if only I had the money. Or wish I could wear if only I was a size 0. Or wish I could eat if only I was a size 0. But still.....LOVE PINTEREST!

I told you I resigned from Facebook. And that is totally what it feels like. Facebook was a job man! Facebook owns your ass. You must check it. You must LIKE THINGS! You must post pictures to get feedback or else you are a Facebook fail.

I literally feel free without the weight of Facebook on my shoulders. I used to Tweet but Twitter is way too much like Facebook. You get behind if you turn your attention for five minutes. Blogs and Pinterest. That's where its at. That's where I will be.

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