Sunday, July 8, 2012

These Days of Summer

It seems like we wait so long....all school year....for summer. Sweet sweet summer. With your long hot days, balmy nights, river dates, beach vacations, lazy afternoon naps, float trips, bug bites, fireworks.

Every year I try my hardest to stretch summer out. Test her limits. Put her pedal to the metal. And most often, I feel like I failed. Like we didn't do enough. Layed around on the couch way more than we should have. I try so hard to remember how insanely busy and nonstop our school year is, so maybe a little bit of laziness is good for us. But....I still feel that guilt. This summer though, I am feeling a bit better about it all.

Our list of summer fun is growing. We have managed to:
-Float the caddo river. Just me the husband and three kids. In low water. With a limited amount of beer.
-Play in the sprinklers. Numerous times.
-Swimming hole. Check.
-5 mile run in a summer thunderstorm (we didn't subject the kids to this)
-Saw Madagascar 3 (dadadadada polka dot circus afro)
-Climbed a lighthouse
-Took a lot of photos
-Attended a wild hippie bachelorette party in the woods. (just me)
Photo Credit: Meredith Mashburn

-Took the kids to a different party in the woods. The Land of Shady is a Magical Place.
-Rock painting at the river.

-Got a tattoo (not the temporary kind either) I highly recommend Miguel at Black Sparrow Tattoo in Pensacola. Bonus points if you can guess the reference.

-Had dinner with my awesome grandmother who lives too far away.
-Let my 8 year old drink beer. Gah! Kidding. It was Abita Root Beer. He loved it.

-Went to the beach for 7 whole days.
-Ran in the War Eagle 10K Trail Run. Beat the husband by 1second.

-Got all gussied up and went on more than one date with my handsome soulmate.

-Ate lots and lots and lots of seafood.
-Fireworks. And no one got burned.
-Boat ride!!!!! With a hangover!!!! Double fun! While watching dolphins!

So maybe now I have permission to lay around and be lazy for the rest of the summer?


  1. Be lazy! You'll be lamenting it in October if you don't.

    BTW, stupid yankee question, but um, are there critters in all those places you swim? Snakes are my nightmare and y'all do live in the south.

  2. Yep. Lots and lots of critters. The snakes generally leave us alone. You just have to be careful and carry a big gun. Just kidding! We don't shoot them unless they come after us.

  3. Looks fabulous to me! I remember when you could barely get out of the house and look at you now! Whoo hoo! Guns for the hillbillies and the snakes! LMAO!

  4. Nope, you can't be lazy & I still have a date to Magic Springs with the kids, another river trip, maybe the pool, and oh yeah...Spinelli's. :)


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