Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh The Joy!

It's remodeling time again! My favorite time of year!

It seems like we tackle one pretty big project per year and we are about to embark on what might be the biggest one we have attempted. Our two car garage is going to be transformed into a monstrous living/family room. Our current living room will be my dining room.

Dining room inspiration:

Not only is this a yummy yummy beer, it is also a cool label. The creamy/tan color will be my main paint color with the aqua blue green as an accent wall. Fixtures and lamps and hardware will be a grainy oil rubbed bronze and my kitchen is already the color of the number 7. I plan on using lots of industrial type things for decorating. Think big metal numbers, old wooden signs.

I need two of these to hang over my big square farmhouse style dining room table. Oh so so lovely.

The living room will have a stained and polished concrete floor. Similar to this one.

Paint is still to be decided but I do love me some shades of grey and blue. Although the end floor color will be a major influence on that.

And hallelujah! I get a new sofa. I am thinking a big distressed leather sectional to fit all our peoples and fill up the cavernous room.

I'll be sure to keep you posted as it goes along. I will be ordering huge windows tomorrow to fill the giant holes left by the garage doors. I am also stopping by my favorite architectural salvage place to pick up a door that is going to be installed between my kitchen and the new living room. Swing style baby!

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