Monday, February 6, 2012

Much More Media Social Than Real World Social

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I am terribly anti-social. Except when I'm drinking. Which happens to be a lot of the time. So I am more like a social butterfly. Except when I'm sober. And then....I am anti-social.

It goes so far as I am the kind of person that won't answer the phone. I will glance at the name and groan. I generally don't ever dislike the person calling, I just don't want to talk. If I actually do answer it, I almost always have an enjoyable conversation, so there was no reason for the apprehension in the first place. I have quirks. Or issues. What can I say, my whole family is a bit reclusive. Or as some in this town like to call it, snobby. My husband commented the other day that you know you are a beer snob when your brew comes in packs of 4 instead of 6. I replied back something to the tune of yeah that's not the only kind of snob you are. We won't cover the back and forth that ensued after that.

What I am not though, is an Internet snob. I love you! I love to talk to you through comments, Twitter, Facebook and email. It is so calming to be able to craft an answer in my own time on my own terms. The only thing better than communicating via this medium is doing it with a big glass of red wine. Complete and utter comfort right there.

So if you are visiting from Arkansas Women Bloggers, hello to you! Look around. Stop and chat. If you are just a regular here, please please go check out my guest post over at their site. It is a good one! And if you are here to find out who won the giveaway then..........that would be Gina! Girl shoot me a message at with your mailing address to receive your prizes in time for Valentine's Day.


  1. I SOSOSO get you on the anti-social thing!! My boyfriend doesn't get me at all- I'm pretty shy in person, I ABHOR talking on the phone...but give me a keyboard, a monitor, and some good ole social media and I'm the belle of the ball! hahaha

    I can't believe I won!! Wooohoooo Thanks!

  2. Honey anit-social is the new social. With the focus on social media the cult of personality can appear to be totally socially involved while living in an internet bubble. I find myself only wanting to talk on the phone while driving, or my Sunday morning coffee chats with my bestie!
    Sweety Darlin'

  3. I'm the same exact way about the phone! I'm glad to find out I'm not alone and in admitting we're anti-social, we're actually being social ... I think.


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