Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why I Haven't Been Blogging: A Picture Explanation

cause I've been busy y'all!

 See first we had a belated soccer party. Trophies, cupcakes, indoor playground.
 Mr. Toothless getting his trophy from Coach Mom.

 Then we made a gingerbread house.

 We put it on display at the store.

 Then this one was an elf. A speaking elf to be specific cause only speaking elves get to wear a hat and jingly shoes.

 I gave our chalkboard a small holiday to do list and added a Feingold approved hot chocolate recipe.

 Tried to take Allie's picture but she is camera shy.

 Worked on homemade teacher gifts. Idea came from here....

More handmade gifts. This time granola. 

 Recipe found here although I did tweak it some what.

Decorated the tree.

I'm tired.


  1. Fantastic, looks like you've had a blast!! BTW, I'm still waiting for my pony!!

  2. What a lovely son and the trophy for soccer is Great !~! Your Tree Beams Love from each and every ornament and light.....

  3. Now, get thee up to the OH and be my elf! Just looking at all that makes me want a sweet tea and to put my feet up.

  4. You make an awesome soccer mom/Martha Stewart/Betty Crocker person!

  5. Michelle- maybe Dave will get me for you for Christmas!


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