Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well Hello!

Did anyone realize its been nearly a month since I last posted?

Anyone? (Insert requisite Bueller joke here)

I realized I was taking a short blogging break, I just didn't realize that when I thought short I was essentially acting like a parent when they say just five more minutes. Cause you really mean like an hour. So a short break in blogging time translated into five more minutes, but I really mean more like three weeks. Good thing y'all weren't waiting on a glass of milk.

Life just got the better of us around here. Being super involved in your children's school has its rewards but it is also a major timesuck. And then there is that pesky work thing. Plus some unplanned travel thrown in. Oh and running...don't forget the running. I still do that in case you were wondering. And the mornings I run are always my days off from work when I would normally be blogging but instead I am too damn exhausted from running and I just want to veg out for a bit, but have to do the dishes instead. Cause my dishwasher broke. The end.

So this morning, I'm off to wash more dishes and bake a cheesecake. Unearth some butterscotch schnapps cause I live in a dry county and its the only liquor I could find in my pantry and I certainly hope it goes well with coffee.

I promise to be back sooner than later this time.


  1. You're aliiiiive! And that lil woman looks just like you.

  2. well hello yourself. Good to see you!

  3. I don't think she could get any cuter!


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