Friday, August 6, 2010

It Can't Get Here Soon Enough

I have the urge to write about Fall.

Did you know it is my very absolute most favorite season?

Well. It is.

Every time I step outside into the sweltering heat I make a silent wish for gusty winds, rustling leaves, and that telltale chill in the air.

I miss drinking hot coffee on my porch in the mornings.

I miss hoodies and cute boot cut jeans.

I miss kiddos in new school clothes so cute you could eat them.

The things I am longing for could take up an entire college ruled sheet of notebook paper.

Pumpkins. Earlier evenings. Boots. The urge to drink hot tea while watching movies after the kids go to sleep at a decent hour. Sweeping leaves. Holiday decorating. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Duh. Making Gingered Sweet Potato and Carrot soup. Cooking in the crockpot and dutch oven all the dang time.Orange and brown. Football. School, sweet blessed school with its sweet blessed teachers. Frosty windows. Mums. Pumpkin pie. Scarves. Baking cookies with my babes. Leaves leaves leaves everywhere. Wood smoke & wet mornings. Cool weather running.

And just to put a visual with my supreme love of all things Fall, I present you with a mixed bag of my favorite shots from posts labeled Fall in the SugarBritches archives.


  1. You pretty well summed up all the good things about fall. I used to love it too. :) The pictures really bring the words to life.

  2. We really are kindred spirits.

  3. It's hot here, also, but I wait all the long winter long for summer, as brief as it is in New England, so I'm not complaining.

    Don't worry, though, September is just around the corner!


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