Friday, January 15, 2010

SugarBritches Book Of Love

Marriage Rule #38- Any t-shirts that you may have received from winning a wet t-shirt contest now belong to your husband. Just cause.

Marriage Rule #231- There will be shaving hairs around the sink. No matter how often you yell or nag or plead. They will be there.

Marriage Rule #16- You must not communicate with any ex-boyfriends on Facebook. No matter how bad you want to snoop their pictures and scope out their mousy looking wife. Do not. Just stop.

Marriage Rule #72- Do not expect any home improvement projects to be done in a timely manner. In fact, just add at least two weeks onto the time it would take you to do the said project.

Marriage Rule #3- Be patient. Because if you aren't, your head will explode.


  1. Wet T shirt tell. LOL

    Yep, the rules are all dead on.

  2. #231

    That's the one that I still have trouble with! I know it will be there, that it won't go away, and also that person that made said mess will NOT be the one cleaning it up! Yet, it still irritates me!!!

  3. We have zero problems with #231... you wanna know that secret? Get a shaving mirror for the shower! It is actually a better shave too because it softens the hairs.

  4. 2 WEEKS? shit more like 2 years!!! we bought our house with plan of flipping it, here we are 5 years later with 20 projects 85% done...i live in "someday" terms. also Ba.Lah. face hair on the sink!!!

  5. Rule #682 - you will be responsible for picking up his sweaty workout clothes.

  6. ahh, the hairs around the sink. We get on each other about that constantly. But I'm sorry, one or two of my long hairs around the sink is not nearly as annoying or hard to clean up as a billion of his little hairs!


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