Monday, January 18, 2010

I Need Smaller Pants

Excuse me for just a moment.

I want to take a second to brag because it keeps me motivated to share my excitement with you all. Also it holds me accountable should I slack off later in the week.

I've lost 7 pounds since New Years.

I ran 3 miles in 28 minutes today.

That is an average 9:30 minute mile. The fastest pace I've held so far according to my Garmin.

To celebrate all this healthfullness and junk I'm thinking of starting "The Shred" again.

Who's with me?


  1. ummmm i remember how much of a bitch you said the shred was...i am out but i will cheer you on and call you skinny as long as it helps!!!

  2. I'm out - I, for one, enjoy being able to wipe my own ass and if I recall from my Shred days - for the first 3, you can't.

  3. How awesome for you! Keep it up! (Hubby and I are starting Level Two of the Shred tonight. Ack!)


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