Friday, November 13, 2009

Shop Outside The Box

I went for a great run this morning with a good friend. This good friend is one of those women who just makes all the air around her calm, exudes friendliness, and has you thinking in a split second that maybe just maybe she could loan you some of her voodoo aura and make you a better person.

She was in town to plant trees in the park. To re-green our town. Because that is what she is doing. Saving the world with her degree.

After our run, we walked down to the main street in town and had breakfast at an outside kiosk. It's a fairly new business that has cropped up in our flagging downtown and the meal was good. As we were eating I mentioned a website I had run across and how I thought my friend would be interested in its message.

As I've mentioned before my husband works for his father in their family owned and operated grocery store in our tiny town of 400. Recently a Dollar General opened up right across the street. Dollar General is a national chain. I can't say they are a big box store but they are pretty darn close. To say that we aren't feeling the effects of their presence would be a lie. The closest Wal-Mart is a good 15 miles away and while a lot of our town goes there to shop, a lot also shop at our store. It's been in business since the 40's (I think, family please feel free to pipe in on that and correct me) and has a great selection and an on site butcher. But just because Dollar General advertises $4 laundry detergent and $2 chips and so on and so on I'm seeing more and more cars in their parking lot. This hurts my heart people. Especially you locals. You won't find me in there. You won't find me in a Wal-Mart either unless absolutely necessary. If I can't get what I need at our store, I'll find another brick and mortar store to buy from. To keep our money local, to keep our family stores going, to shop outside the box.

Now in all honesty I make an exception where Target is concerned because oh mi gah! TARGET!

So please, check out the site and maybe participate in a little 3/50 Project of your own.


  1. i wish i lived where you live, here, in wichita, we have our choices, theres 7 walmarts, 2 sams clubs, which are owned by walmart and then dillons which are now owned by kroger chains. there is no rational alternative to saving money and having groceries. it sucks, i planted a garden this summer just so i could control what veggies i was eating, no chemicals you know. we have dollar generals here but i will not go into those cracker joints, they stink and have horrible, i mean the lowest of low clientele. ugh, i hope you guys beat out that sleazy competition!! really stop the madness that has taken over our nation. nothing is locally owned any more. great post.

  2. It hurts my heart too, Sugarbritches. Dollar General isn't even that nice a place to shop. Grrrrr!!!

    I agree with you about Target too. Some stores are like sirens that sing to you from the rocks. Come to me... Come to me... Shop... Shop...

    I'm betting that once all 400 people in your town make their initial visit to Dollar General, they'll be back on hands and knees begging to be let back into your store. As it should be.

  3. We don't have much choice because we have only one market option in town, but it is a very small chain. Like 7 stores in all. But I went to Jackson the other day and went to Albertson's. Prices were only pennies different so I packed up the kids and shopped when we got home.

  4. Bingo Jamie! :)

    C&C- It is a bit ridiculous. Used to be small grocers with their own butcher were the norm. And I'm ashamed to even be from Arkansas sometimes because this is the birthplace of Wal-Mart.

    Alix- I know right!?! They threw this thing up in a matter of weeks and it is so very shoddy. Should a tornado come thru it would be toast and our store would be fine cause it is solid brick on a solid foundation. And buying things from Dollar General....eewww!

    Kimi- I'm down with small chains. They had to start somewhere. We are even a bit of a chain, we have another small grocery store in a town about 20 miles South.

  5. Locally owned business are the best but a dying breed. I love our local shop---the owner knows what I need before I even show up LOL---but he'll be retiring soon and it will close; his kids don't want to take it on. And I guess with all the supermarkets and mega-stores, it is more a labour of love than a living.

    Good luck! And congratulations on a good run and breakfast with a friend--what a great way to start a day!

  6. I hate seeing the small, family owned places going out of business too. There's just something about walking into a store like brings back memories of a better time, and a better world. Where we are, there are not many choices. And seeing the abandoned stores in our small town makes me sad.

  7. Sam's Club is the closest I get to a Wal-Mart. If I get stressed out just be walking in a store, I don't go back....

  8. I think it was more like the 60's. I'd have to ask mom to be sure though.


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