Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Never Too Busy for My Minions, I Mean Readers. Ahem.

Since I know posting will continue to be all fluff and no substance (unless something extremely funny happens) for a bit until life slows down, I want to give something a try.

Let's do a Ask SugarBritches!

PW does this. Dreams of a Country Girl Does this. Now I know I am nowhere near as popular as either of them but it might be fun.

So email me your questions. Questions about me, the kids, the hubby, cooking, photography, my past, my present, my future. Ask me how old Supergrandma is and if she is really my mother cause I get asked that all the time in real life. Ask about my shopping habits and coffee addiction. Ask me if you should get that haircut. Ask me if I think you should procreate some more. Ask me where I stand on Obama. Ask me anything!

Just send in those questions and I'll post them and the answers by this weekend.

And please ya'll. Don't embarrass me and send me no questions. Cause it says I have 68 followers over there in that fancy little box so I expect at least 3 questions. 5 tops. Make me proud readers.

And if you guys can manage at least 10 questions, i'll finally re up on my pony promise.

So forward your absolute need to knows to sugarbritches26 at yahoo dot com.

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