Monday, October 12, 2009

Gah. Women & Their Mood Swings

So I've been all PMSy. Didn't notice, did ya?

Don't answer that.

For a few days last week I jumped from being high on life, to bawling about how my husband treats me like a maid. To be honest, he was being a buttface, but not really bad enough for me to cry about it. And no he doesn't treat me like a maid. I think I volunteered for that job, tacking on extra years to my indentured servitude every time I got pregnant.

But this week I seem to be all better. And I went for a walk/jog this morning. In the rain. Sugarbaby stayed home with her Daddy cause it is one of his few days off of work. It was nice. The walking & jogging in the rain. Especially nice not having to push the jog stroller. It was heaven actually until I passed this little outdoor food kiosk that smelled of burritos and hamburgers. I could actually hear them sizzling from the sidewalk. What the hell were they doing cooking hamburgers at 8:30 in the morning? I almost threw it all out the window right then and there. But no. I kept on keeping on and finished my three miles and came home.

Now I'm going to eat a salad. Boooooo!

Earlier Sugarbaby was being all sweet. Grabbing my face with her hands and giving me the sloppiest kisses a toddler can give. Then she would hug me real tight and kiss me again. It was cute until I started wiping the drool off of my face. She noticed me drying myself off and I'm not sure if she was offended or what, but at that point she started slapping me. IN THE FACE. And then, when I told her no and held up an arm to protect myself, she went all hysterical on me.

I feel so sorry for any future boyfriends.


  1. Ummm maybe I should re-think that whole hooking Stella & Finnegan up thing...
    And, GO ASH!!! You're kicking ass, keep up the great work.

  2. Impressive run! I used to run (20+ years ago), but now I walk. Not enough though.

  3. 'least your hormones haven't caused spatula attacks on w. good job keeping up the exercise though! I only wish right now I could get my butt to the gym, but im doing good if I have cleans clothes and stared at my homework.

  4. Nice job on the run! I bet it felt a lot easier without the added weight of stroller and baby!

    This is also why I can't run/drive/walk/ past a Burger King...damn their flameboiled goodness!

  5. Good job, jogging on by! I wish you could come here and coach me, I've been useless exercise-wise.

    Poor Sugarbaby. I'm raising her evil twin btw...

  6. I love how she turned into the sweetest thing on earth!


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