Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Value of Sleep

I like my sleep. A whole lot.

Since joining that exclusive club of motherhood, getting good sleep has been hit or miss nearly every night. I was a total dunce with my first son. Scared to death if he didn't sleep with me then something would go terribly wrong. Before long the thing that was terribly wrong, was the fact that he screamed his head off unless he slept with me.

Didn't do much better with the Cashman. In fact the Monster didn't start sleeping in his own bed until we brought baby Cashman home. We moved one out of our bed, just to move the next right on in. These were huge mistakes people! Huge! At the time I couldn't imagine not sleeping with my babies. But in hindsight, I really should have attempted a crib.

When Sugarbaby was about 8 months old (and had been sleeping with us the whole time), I decided it was enough and damn it! one of my children was going to be a good sleeper. I went through the whole training process and I'm happy to report that since then she is the best sleeper in the house. She takes three hour naps. In her crib. By herself. - She sleeps 12 hours at night. In her crib. By herself. NOT IN MY BED.

It's amazing what an empty king size bed can do for the soul. But lately, my sleep patterns have been disturbed again. Cashman is scared. A new fear has risen in him and he comes running every night to our room. We've made him a pallet on the floor, but still....I don't want another kid in my room. Its throwing me out of wack. Wrecking my good rest. Irritating the hell out of me.

Like everything else, I just keep telling myself it's a phase. He will grow out of it. He just started school. It can't last forever. But oh good grief I want my bed back! I just got it to myself after 6 years of parenting. While I'll be happy to share it with the hubby, I don't want to share with any children.

Can someone please let Cashman in on that?


  1. They'll keep you up at night when they are teenagers too.

    Good sleepers and co-sleeping are not always mutually exclusive. I r ead The Baby Whisperer when Eva was four weeks and it rocked my world. We are more of the "you need to be able to sleep anywhere" clan and yes that includes alot of time in our bed.

    Last night I was up every hour on the hour for at least 10 minutes each time and this was with each munchkin in there respective cages. I guess it's just part of the territory.

  2. I can't stand sharing my bed with my 6YO. I guess it'd be different if I didn't wake in the morning with bruises and black eyes from her flying appendages.

  3. There is something about a wide open bed...and some clean sheets. Get with the program, Cashman.

  4. My dream, my very big wonderful dream, is having a house with a *guest* room, that I can take over by stealth to eventually be MY room. My own bedroom, OMG. After all these years of kids and marriage, how wonderful a CLEAN tidy non-smelly off-limits girly bedroom would be.


    One day.

  5. Im sure its just a phase he'll grow out of. People thought I was CRAZY for letting Jorja sleep in a crib all by herself since the day I brought her home-and by people, i mean Tony's mom. I have never regretted that decision. I dont know if it was being in her own crib by herself, but she's been a good sleeper since birth. I guess I got lucky. I was scared to let her sleep alone, but I was positive I would crush her if she slept with me!

    Good luck on getting your bed back, and congrats on your success with Sugar Baby! :)

  6. Tori- True! I'm sorry yours are keeping you up girl. I know you need all the rest you can get.

    Lindy- Right?! I'm so sick of getting kicked in the head cause he likes to sleep upside down.

    Mrs. G- You tell him Mrs. G. Can you come to Arkansas and tell him that?

    Susan- That is a wonderful dream. For me it will never be a reality, but my husband has threatened to move a bed into the garage so he can have his own room. Sissy.

    Hi Lary- Wonderful job with Ms. J by the way! I know he will get over it but I'm afraid this phase could last until he's like 10 or something.


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