Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stuck In The Middle

The other evening, hubs was in the kitchen making sweet tea. He has a precise method that he swears makes the perfect pitcher, in which he employs specific dunking techniques and kitchen timers. My method is much more haphazard although I do specifically measure the sugar. It all tastes the same to me. I digress, this post isn't about iced tea.

When hubby set the timer for his first pot, neither of us noticed Cashman take a seat in the time out chair. That is until he said in a small voice, "Can I come out yet?" Hubs glances back at Cashman and then turns to me and says, "Look babe! You've trained him well. He automatically goes to time out when you turn on the oven timer."

He released Cashman from the faux time out and I could not stop laughing. It wasn't funny. I know it wasn't. It's just a testament to how often that little boy sits in the naughty chair and does his three minutes.

Other funny things from the mouth of our middle child:

He exclaims he is Christmas when he is taking off his shirt and it gets stuck on his forehead. Not sure where this came from or what it has to do with Christmas. Maybe he is emulating the Virgin Mary or maybe he's just a little silly.

A few weeks ago I was watching True Blood. The Monster was gone, Sugarbaby was in bed, and Cashman was beside me on the couch playing his Leapster. He wasn't paying a bit of attention to the show, thankfully or I would have sent him to bed. This was Season One and a scene came on where Bill came up out of the ground and grabbed Sookie by the ankle. Cashman must have looked up for just a moment because when the scene was done he turned to me and said, "What the hell was that?" I could barely contain myself.

He is my never ending source of amusement.


  1. Mother Nature is wise; she makes our kids cute and funny because otherwise we'd eventually turn on them for food. My guess anyhow.

    I wonder what he did before the time went on, that made him think he deserved timeout? LOL

  2. That timeout thing is hilarious!!

    Can you just imagine what he was thinking that he had done wrong?!

  3. How funny! You just never know what they hear or see until it comes out like that. Cute story!

    Hello! Just visited your blog and love it. I'm a new follower.

  4. Hilarious!

    Hey, I think you need to post your sweet tea recipe (including the precise number of dunks) for us yankees! I'm drinking some vanilla lime sweet tea right now, but I want to know how far off I am from 'real' sweet tea.

  5. I love the Christmas thing, it's so random, haha! It never gets old. And of course, when something is on tv that you'd assume they have no interest in, they catch a scene and question...I made that same mistake with Jorja watching Mirrors (SCARY movie) and although she didnt pay any attention to most of the movie, she sure did catch one of the most disturbing parts of the movie where a girl is ripping her face open with her mouth--and i look over to see Jorja pulling at sides of her mouth saying "I cant do it mom." There was no more movie watching in front of her after that.


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