Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ummm ya. Okay.

So this day be speak like a scurvy pirate day. 'n no I don't normally speak like 'tis, but I typed 'tis into th' scurvy pirate tavern 'n 'tis be what I got. I find 'tis hilarious. Now watch 'tis. ye mama wears combat boots. ye rubber 'n I be glue whatever ye shout bounces 'o me 'n sticks to ye. me mama told me to pick th' extra best one 'n ye be not it. hardyharhar, no? Did ye understand a damn ta hell thin' I was sayin'? oh me god 'tis be fun 'n I don't think I can stop. What be th' word fer sex in scurvy pirate shout? Oh it appears to be sex. Darn. I was hopin' fer somethin' a wee wee bit more entertainin'. hi-ho grandma! don't worry folks, I be goin' to message a recipe 'n maybe some Sugarbaby Saturday photos. We've got some dress up planned 'n I be makin' yummy shrimp salad. Stay tuned. I promise th' next message won't be in scurvy pirate speak.


  1. Shiver me timbers, matey, that be the most glorious post that ever sailed the blogseas! Alas, I be knowing nothing about the pirate sex neither me heartie, but I'd wager it'd be startin' with a dead man's chest and a bottle o' rum and be goin' from there...

    Happy Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day!

  2. Argh!! Holy Moly Captain Sug-arrr Britches! That was swash bucklin' funny!

    Yo Ho go look at;)

    Okay, I have to stop before I'm forced to walk the plank;)
    Way too funny:)


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