Sunday, September 20, 2009

Think Outside the Bowl

Who doesn't love great parenting advice?

That is unless it's coming at you from all sides while your three year old is in the middle of a nuclear reactor meltdown on aisle 3. But otherwise, parenting tips and tricks are right up my alley. I love to read a good parenting magazine or come across an informative website like this one.

I've been accepted as an ambassador to help spread the word about Fishful Thinking. While I'm waiting on my kit (ya know so I can start spreading the word officially), I went on to the Fishful Thinking site and cruised around to see what I could learn. This place is chalk full of information about raising a happy healthy kid. A well adjusted kid. An optimistic kid. With easy to read article you can access by age or by skill set. It's a wonderland of advice that you want to read. Not that was shouted at you as you drug that tantruming three year old to the bathroom for a stern talking too.
So click on the Fishful Thinking link above or watch this video. Both will help me out as an ambassador and maybe help you out as a parent. Not that you would need any help with that. Just saying.


  1. Yay! My little protege! I knew you would love the program! Now make sure you do a spark report saying that you wrote a blog post about the program...

  2. TOM- You're quite the mentor to have. Loving the site and the program. Just waiting on my kit to arrive so I can start spreading the goodness.

    Susan- Chocolate chip or Oatmeal Raisin?

    Lindy- Thank you so much!


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