Monday, August 3, 2009

Restaurant Review By The Monster

On Sunday evening I drove the usual hour and a half to pick up the Monster from his Dad. It being dinner time when we made the exchange I asked the Monster where he wanted to go to eat. His reply?

"Anything but El Chico!"

"What's wrong with El Chico, Monster?"

"It is the worst Mexican food I've ever had. Their nachos are disgusting. They just don't make them like you do Mom."

So there you have it. Evidently he is a Mexican cuisine connoisseur.

My suggestion. When eating at El Chico, order the largest margarita available and by the time your food comes you won't care what it tastes like.


  1. Awww. Isn't it great when your kids love your cooking more than eating out?!

  2. I love this child more every day! Monster thanks for making my life better by being part of it. NOW GO FETCH ME A WATER.. and do pass this on to him

  3. Mrs. C- It is sweet.

    Lookmom- He is quite the character.


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