Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dear Seth Rogen,

Bravo my good sir! You are quite funny. Sidesplitting even. Your repertoire of slapstick stoner comedies is growing and catapulting you to comedic stardom.

I like you. I really do. I particularly enjoyed Knocked Up and Pineapple Express. But I'm afraid I have to share something with you.

I only have room in my heart for one cute, goofy, silly curly haired Jewish guy.
You know his name. He's had my heart since SNL 1994. Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore only sealed the deal. All movies after that were immediately added to my favorites. How sweet was Mr. Deeds? Winona Ryder ruined the whole thing, unfortunately. More recently Click and Spanglish showed me his more mature side. Oh baby he was hot in The Longest Yard and I just so happen to have Bedtime Stories in the Netflix queue right this moment.

You, Mr. Rogen are no Adam Sandler.

I realize you just finished filming a movie with Mr.Sandler himself, but let me assure you it is all about him. You are just a bit player.

Oh and by the way. Adam, if you are ever in Arkansas, call me.



  1. I love me some Adam Sandler. I really liked the role he played in Spanglish. I like seeing his serious side. :)

  2. My husband is a big Adam fan as well.

    Me? I could take or leave his movies but I did enjoy watching him fight Bob Barker. Classic.

    Love the new look!

  3. These are my sentiments exactly!

  4. hahahha love it.. Although I love Adam. I have a big crush on this over sized nappy headed stoner Seth.

  5. so you finally saw the pinapple express? btw my new favorite. but its james franco, not seth rogan that does it for me. i mean, even if it is fictional, any guy who wants to build septic tanks on playgrounds for little kids to take shits is ok in my book and who wants to go nowhere or quiznos is my kind of guy. id take pineapple express, knocked up, or zack and miri make a porno any day over adam sandler. except for the Hanukkah song, which totally makes ME want to be jewish (a jewish, classless beyotch like sarah silverman). ok, time for more shiner bock.

    it's funny most friends dont talk religion or politics, i dont think we need to talk comedians :-)

  6. Jamie- Me too! A lot of people don't like that movie and I don't understand why.

    Lindy- Thanks girl! I needed a change.

    Tori- :)

    Lookmom- I suppose I can still be your friend. Maybe.

    Miss D- I suppose we shall agree to disagree, you drunk!


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