Friday, July 10, 2009

Making Progress

I'm slowly working my way out of my funk. I figure it was truly just PMS related. Another joy of being a female.

This post really has no purpose, mainly just fluff. Hopefully next week I won't be so braindead and worthless feeling.

So without further ado, my little updates via bullet points.

  • In just two short days Cashman has gone from being the pantsless wonder to putting on his undies and shorts (in that order) before he leaves the bathroom with no help whatsoever from me. I don't even have to remind him. He is now pre-school ready!
  • Remember this post? When my brother-in-law arrived home on a short vacation from his base in Texas, he stopped by our house first. I'm not sure what type of military dress he was in but it was basic. Camo pants, boots, sand colored shirt, and dog tags. Cashman was asleep when he got here, but I went in and woke him up telling him his Uncle was here. He was half asleep as he went running in the living room. He stopped dead in his tracks, rubbed his eyes in disbelief and said, "Army Dad?" Then he looked at the hubby and I as if to say, "See, I didn't make it up. He's real!"
  • Speaking of Army Dad, errr the brother in law, he's only here for a few weeks and I am throwing a dinner party for the whole family to come see him and baby Trip week after next. Lots of work. Lots of stress, but I love having everyone together.
  • On another note, I am always fascinated by my husband's huge family. He's related to no less than 200 people in this county and half of Oklahoma. My family in comparison is tiny. I've always said it's just me, Supergrandma, and GG. We've never had a family reunion and our holiday get togethers are tiny and simple. It's nice, but then we go to the hubby's and there are people EVERYWHERE!
  • As I type this, the Monster is headed out on a roadtrip with his Dad and Grandpa. They are East Coast bound. I'm so excited for him and so very jealous.
  • Since the garage sale is over and done, I can park IN my garage again. So nice. I'm also attempting to turn half of it into a craft area. Since we've lived here my sewing machine has languished in the laundry room cabinet. I have several projects I want to work on and I need a place to paint some things for Sugarbaby's room.

I think that is all for now. I may possibly have a very funny, very intelligent, half-Irish, half-American guest poster this weekend. Stay tuned.


  1. OOOOH the craft idea is awesome!!! I VOTE YES

  2. I feel ya on the PMS...I hope you're getting out of your funk. Ahh, the joys of womanhood!

  3. Jodi- Does that mean I can expect to find you in my garage at 3am with a hot glue gun and a crazy look in your eye?

    Shelly-I'm trying. And yes, the joys. It is so JOYOUS!


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