Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog Block

I have some blog block going on. And to top it off I'm bored.

There is so much to do. The garden (small as it is) needs tending. The fruit trees deserve better care. The house could be so much cleaner. As could the children. And they need entertaining. But so do I.

I need to keep up with the laundry, but what fun is that. I need to read more books to Sugarbaby, but she jerks the pages from my hands and laughs. I need to work with the Monster on his reading, but he and I both end up frustrated. I need to teach Cashman to put his pants back on before he exits the bathroom, but I always forget and he wanders around pantsless most of the day. I need to take a shower every morning, but who has time for that? I need to eat better food, but where would I be without corn dogs and Devil Cakes.

Both the blogs keep me busy and Facebook and Twitter are eating my brain. So why do I feel like I need another hobby? Sewing. Crocheting. Painting (walls not canvases). Deep sea fishing. Real live photography. Scrapbooking. Can parenting be considered a hobby?

Summer days with small children crawl by at a snail's pace. Today we went to the river. For about an hour. That was enough for me and Sugarbaby. She loves the water but today she just wasn't feeling it.

That seems to be the general mood around here. We're just not feeling it. Not enough money to really work on the house. Hours spent cleaning or mowing just for it to all be undone in a dinner or rain shower. Laundry just sitting. And sitting. And sitting. Me just sitting and sitting and sitting.

Have I mentioned I can't wait for school to start?

And as if this post isn't random enough for you, here's a few Sugarbaby pictures complete with pigtails. As promised.


  1. I am LOVING the pigtails!! Way too cute!! :D If you want some company next time you and Sugarbaby decide to go to the river, let me know...the kids and I will go with you! I haven't been down there in a few years!!

  2. ok could she be a prettier baby? i don't think so she is perfect!! as for the rest of the post, oh my god me too!!!

  3. I think it's just that time of the summer. I'm not feeling it either. It's usually the kid whining "I'm booored". Now it's me.

  4. Shauna- We're always up for company. The more the merrier, and the more noise to scare away the slithery things.

    Suz-Oh thanks! You're the sweetest. You need a blog or to put more pics on FB so I can see Hadders more! And we already know how handsome Bent is. I think Sugarbaby needs to be his girlfriend.

    Shania- I hope so. I can't wait to get out of this slump. I have to admit, I don't really like summer. If it was fall all year round I would be elated.

  5. What adorable pictures! I love when my niece wears pig tails...too cute

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  6. Your daughteris so cute! Sitting down with the hoola hoop is great!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  7. Sounds like a summer funk to me - you need some Mommy Alone Time.

  8. Those pigtails really suit her! I love the photos; she's really looking more girl than baby these days, but just getting cuter!

  9. Spirit Jump-Thanks, you gotta luv a girl in pigtails.

    TRR-Thanks for the comment luv!

    TOM- That would require a babysitter. Hahahahaha a babysitter. What a novel idea!

    Susan-I know. She has changed so much. She's a *sniff* toddler...


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