Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Grumpy

I'm blaming it on everything and everyone but me.

1. The rain. That just won't stop. Stop already!
2. I have PMS. Nuff said.
3. The incompetence of a certain school secretary who shall remain nameless.
4. I'm poor. 5 people, one income. Click the ads please people!
5. Debt. Mine all mine. It keeps appearing out of nowhere.
6. Washington County DMV. They must hate me.
7. People who are nearly 30 yet act like they are 16. Not the hubby. He doesn't make this list.
8. The un-mopped kitchen floor.
9. Did I mention it's raining?
10. My diet. I've failed on it too much this week to even call it a diet. More like eat whatever you want.

I feel better now.

How about you? What's bugging you today?


  1. It would be easier to tell you what's not bugging me. aaaaand, I got nothing. There's not one thing in this world that's NOT bugging me today.

  2. dude, i have learned in the past two days that when people gripe at you and tell you to be thankful where u are and not gripe cuz it can get worse, it is the truth. annoying though. so im spreading my newfound wisdom even though im sure it's nothing you dont know already. IT can always be worse...

  3. I'm grumpy too. Way too many things to do and they're just not getting done. Dangit, why aren't they getting done?! Not my fault.

    It must be spreading.

  4. Shania- See! It must be an epidemic.

    Dylan- good advice. You're right. It could be worse.

    Susan- You're the cause of all this aren't you! Sending those damn bad mood vibes all the way from Ireland.


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