Thursday, April 2, 2009

Winding Down Just to Gear Up

Stage right into the boys bathroom. Scene: sopping wet dog, accompanied by laughing naked boy, water everywhere.

Cash: He got in the tub. He's a baaaaaad dog.

That pretty much sums up life with Bruno so far. He is sweet, cute and furry. He potties everywhere. I've successfully house trained two previous puppies without much problem. Bruno pees every 15 minutes like clockwork. (And there he goes again) This weekend will be spent constructing a pen for Bruno to give me a break and to transition him into spending his summer outdoors.


As the school year winds down I can feel increased pressure to get things done before summer vacation. I have yet to get the details of yes or no on a family lake vacation. I think it would be a blast, I think GG is all for it. I also think Supergrandma needs some convincing. I mean who wouldn't want to spend 4+ days with the SugarBritches family circus? C'mon.

Cashman is signed up for T-Ball and this I am really looking forward too. 10 three and four year olds chasing one ball in teeny tiny baseball shirts? I can't freakin wait. Plus it will tire him out and he needs all the help he can get in that department.

Also this week, the Monster helped me plant some bulbs in the front flowerbed and beside the shop. Cashman assisted with the tomato plants in the side flowerbed. We're foregoing a large garden this year until we see the damage the fire ants do and how far we can push them off our land. They are already rampant, even with the repeated treatments to the lawn by the hubby.

Always on my mind is my battle with weight. Just one more thing, one more pressure and expectation. I'm attempting to just eat better instead of burning out on some insane diet that I couldn't follow anyway. I found this neat little site called FitDay and I've been using its calorie counter and food journal. After just two days of tracking carbs, calories, and fat, I am appalled at what I eat. Just seeing the daily totals is enough to keep the junk out of my mouth.


And not to be forgotten...a weekly Sugarbaby photo who is turning one in a month and driving her momma absolutely crazy. Three kids, one dog (who isn't house trained), an overworked husband, and no prescription drugs. CRAAAZY.

(I used The Pioneer Woman's Actions Set 2 Seventies on this pic. Doesn't it look well...from the seventies?)


  1. Such a cutie!

    I feel you on the peeing story. One of my dogs couldn't control his bladder for the longest time. When he would get excited & run around the house, he would pee a little. So there were pee drips up & down my hallways...white carpet...not a good thing!

  2. Oh, I guess I should introduce myself. You stopped by my site from bossy's & I just wanted to say hi.

    I also wanted to let you know that I moved blogs shortly before being featured by bossy, so please come by the new site if you're interested!


  3. well i will keep my mouth shut on the dog since people don't like that, but i feel ya sista'. once summer hits you will be too busy to snack, fruit and salads will be more appealing than baking and eating big will come off soon. i leave myself notes around the house like "fat ass!!" on the fridge and "if this were your job you would be fired" to motivate myself, frowned apon by some but it works for me. i just signed bent up for t-ball too, something i have been waiting for since the day he was sick, and now must get hadlie and myself "team bentley" shirts made. oh yes i will be that mom

  4. Ms. FL Transplant- Welcome! Your blog is too funny. I'll visit soon.

    Suz- what a great idea! Little bits of mean girl on post it notes. And BTW, I love that you are that mom. Bent and Haders are lucky ducks. (And never mind the haters, you notice I took care of that)

  5. The picture is too cool! I need some photo skillz.

    I thought Bruno was super smart and ready to go outside? Damn dogs. I'll say it! They are a pain in the ass and you really have to want one to deal with the crap/pee on the floor!

    good luck with that girl

    i want to come back like yesterday
    and with planting and bathing dogs, damn girl you get so much done...with lots of kids....i admire

  6. MS-Go read the comments on the post introducing Bruno.

    Bruno pees outside a lot. He goes to the door and such but he still goes inside a lot too. He's like you...he pees all the damn time. But at least you're housetrained.

    Thanks. That means a lot to me on a day like today. Hubby is underappreciating my worth and I'm kind of fed up.

  7. i did notice and thank you. i am that mom but you put me to shame being that mom and so much more. rudy goes outside but if it is rainy, windy, noisy, or just not to his likeing he will come in and poop on the floor 5 minutes later.


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