Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let The Ritualistic Starving Begin

I'm pretty sure I put on 20lbs this weekend alone.

The baby shower and after party were a hit, with lots of carousing and carrying on. Booze at a baby shower you say? Well not for the pregnant lady for sure, but all the other ladies who stayed on enjoyed it. I decided that sushi would have been too headache inducing of a menu and opted instead for a chocolate feast. Dylan from Short Trip to the Crazy Hospital came to assist me and we foundered ourselves on the gooey sweetness before the party even got underway. Cake balls from PW and Bakerella, a chocolate cake and chocolate chip ice cream concoction, and peanut butter dream bars. The peanut butter mousse in the dream bars was enough all by itself. Divine. All of it.

Cashman hung out with his Supergrandma before coming home toting a prized new robot. A day out with her was a special treat for him. He keeps asking when he can go again but I just tell him she probably needs to recuperate from the trauma of it all.

Sunday the hubby gathered some guys for a full on Texas Hold Em game in our shop. The man den. Complete with beer fridge, snacks, and far away from me. They played until 11:30 that night. I slept. The chocolate and wine had taken their toll over the course of the weekend. I woke up Monday feeling like a lead weight and decided that since the remodeling is all but done, the baby shower is thrown, and I have no excuses now, I must begin the arduous task of rebuilding this body.

Wish me luck. And good mood vibes cause I get real cranky eating brown rice and vegetables.


  1. i already told dylan how full of envy i am. once this baby is off my boobs i want to hang out too!!! glad you threw an awesome shower, and sorry you now have to kick your own ass to work off all that chocolate.

  2. have W order you some kashi go lean bars if yall dont have 'em
    Lifesavers i tell you, with chocolate and fiber and protein and not 'sgusting.

    i love to play poker! but hate to get ignored for it..

  3. man den? I want a man den, with beer and snacks and men, please.


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