Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm A Moron (Not Mormon, MORON!)

While everyone down the road was in a state of terrified and justifiable panic, I managed to be blissfully drunk as a tornado ripped through my hometown.

Not completely drunk. Just tipsy. I think. I can't remember so well now.

Dylan was in for a visit. She ran away from home but she's back now. But that is beside the point. The point is we were having a good ole time, drinking wine, listening to the wind blow, wishing the weather was better so we could have been on the back porch instead of in the house. We did notice the trees were kind of sideways but the hubby weatherman said it would miss us, so there we were, unawares of anything resembling the movie Twister. But about 10 miles away all hell had broke loose. We learned about it later that night, in the dark, as most of the county had no power. We set the kids up with Dylan's laptop watching a movie next to the glow of candles. People started calling, checking on us. Supergrandma was out of town, saw it on the news and phoned. Me? I was drunk.

It's not funny. I know it's not. But seriously, what would I have done had it come closer to us? Walked outside and challenged it to a friendly hula hoop competition? Passed out in the bathtub with the children while we waited on the roof to collapse? I just don't know.

I think I've learned a lesson. No more drinking during tornado season.


  1. oh poo! i dont mean to discredit the severity of what happened down there, but i think id like to be drunk. Actually, need to be, especially in a bathtub with kids while hoping the roof dosnt fall. Maybe I'm just jealous that I couldnt/wouldnt swear off drinking for a whole tornado season. Thanks prime back porch time.

    I had fun running away.
    Thanks again, girl!

  2. i wondered if you guys were wine drinking...don't be so hard on your self, you were all safe right and probably more entertained. i don't judge seeing as though we had the whitetrashiest easter ever. besides if you did have to hide in the bathtub everyone would have been safe, drunks are harder to move

  3. Yikes. Thank goodness everyone n your house was okay! Seeing all of the destruction on the news was scary- and they are saying it's not even really tonado season yet and it wasn't even really in tornado alley. Scary stuff!


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