Monday, March 16, 2009


This weekend was all about moving forward. Signs of spring urging us to finish our projects and begin the much anticipated cleaning of our domain. It needs it, without a doubt. I am but a week away, give or take, of having the bedrooms completed. After that, the baby shower and then just a short time until Sugarbaby's first birthday and summertime.

Saturday morning dawned early. Much earlier than usual because the minute I opened my eyes, I remembered the bake sale. I committed to contribute something to the Kindergarten's fundraiser for their graduation attire. I should have done this the previous evening, but I returned home much later than anticipated from dropping the Monster off with his father. So I got up, and half asleep I baked cookies. Or more accurately I baked a giant cookie and cut it into bars. I couldn't function enough to do the regular drop cookies. It was delicious just the same.

The weekend weather wasn't very pleasant, but that didn't stop Cashman and I from taking a stroll through the mini-orchard. This is at the top of my list of favorite things about my house. Four apple trees, three peach trees, one pear, and one persimmon complete my mini-orchard. I'm lacking the knowledge of how to care for these fruit trees but time is on my side. This is a view of one side of my mini-orchard.

See how the peach trees are starting to blossom? I'm worried though. I'm sure we'll get another freeze or two and they will have to start all over.

Peach tree blooms in March.

And then I discovered this green guy. He was hiding beneath a clump of my many daffodils. I'm not sure what he is but I would love to know. Anyone?

Everywhere I look...progress.


  1. While I certainly don't know - the leaves look similar to tulips. Some parts of AR are starting to have tulip leaves up. It will be fun to find out what it is!

  2. Cindy- That's what I thought and I know next to nothing about plants and gardening. Good thing I have a great plot of land to learn with!


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