Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh No He Didn't.

The family owned grocery store was robbed at knife point last night. Luckily, it was the hubby's night off. Seriously, armed robbery? Where we live? Get a job. Sell drugs (joke joke joke). Don't hold a knife to someones throat and demand they empty the register. Suspect was dressed in camo with a yellow baseball cap. Caught on camera as well. Idiot.

In other news...PROJECT GIVE BOYS A BEDROOM has begun. I've emptied the room and will begin the process of cleaning, taping, spackling and painting this weekend. Once the estimate from the carpenter comes back we'll know if they are getting a full blown closet or one of our own invention. I plan on doing extensive posting on this project, complete with before, during, and after pictures. Stay tuned.


  1. yay!!! i have currently become addicted to hgtv so i cant wait to see what you do with the place!!!

  2. Yikes! Scary: I'm glad everyone's all right.

    Good luck with the boy bedroom!!

  3. I've heard a lot of rumors saying he robbed the store naked. lol

  4. Sorry about the robbery :(

    Have fun decorating the bedroom!

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