Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love for Cora Paige

Last night I came across this article on the Etsy blog. Go read the story and you'll understand why it hits so close to home. Sugarbaby is just about Cora's age. And even closer to home, my mother-in-law passed away two November's ago from cancer. Cancer is a horrible beast, a detested evil. There is no way to justify a 10 month old baby girl dying of cancer. Please visit Love is a Movement: The Cora Project and the blog of her parents, The Macs, and show some support for this brave baby girl who fought hard and is now in peace.

After that, blog about it. Talk about it. Share the story. Link back here. Whatever you can do.

Then, go one step further and join all the people on Etsy who are supporting this family. Buy something from a shop that is donating all proceeds to the Cora Paige project. All money will go to build a playground in Cora's name in her small hometown in Kansas.

If this isn't enough to make you thank you're lucky stars for your good health and blessings I don't know what is. This whole thing has me in tears and hugging Sugarbaby even harder.


  1. Thank you for sharing this.

    We love this family and are so heartbroken for them. But so inspired by them at the same time.

  2. I've worked Hospice for years and as many diseases as I've seen take lives Cancer is by far the cruelest.

    That poor sweet baby.


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