Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Further Proof the 2009 Sucks

2009 is seriously stressing me out.

Remember the baby botulism incident, the chimney estimate, and the AWOL dog?

It isn't getting any better.

The calendar seems full to bursting and the only thing that I could feasibly move to the back burner was blogging and other such pursuits that really get me no where. Remodeling is in full swing. I'll post some more during pics later this week. I've finished with the primer and plan to start with the actual paint later today. Fabric has been ordered for Sugarbaby's bedding and let me tell you it is gorgeous. Expensive and gorgeous.

On top of all the remodeling, we are car and oven shopping. Yes, we have been a one car family since December and a no oven family since last August.


The Monster came through his tonsil removal with flying colors. He's currently prostate on the couch accompanied by massive amounts of ice cream, pudding, and Popsicles. I was surprised by how quickly he wanted food after his operation but glad that he was so willing to try.

I am still hostessing my lil' sis's baby shower in March. She's having a BOY! Planning and cooking for that has me a bit overwhelmed, but I'm feeling better since I scrapped the sushi idea and decided on decadent chocolate desserts. Whew...


Another item to add to the list of sucky goings on in 2009 was my almost arrest on Friday night. A big misunderstanding and one very nice police officer was all that kept me out of handcuffs. I so thought all that kind of stuff was over a long time ago. I'm a law abiding citizen now and have been for many years. But all is well that ends well.

Seriously ya'll. There are hundreds of other things crowding my mind and consuming my time. Forgive me if posting is light. I'll try. I promise. But the way things are going, I might not make it through this year alive.


  1. Wow what a ---and it's ONLY FEBRUARY!

    I'm hoping this means that you've gotten all the crazy-bad things out of the way for 2009, and the next ten months will be plain sailing.

    Good luck!

  2. I concur. STAY POSITIVE! hehehe....

  3. Ack! You tease! You can't tell us about an almost arrest and leave out the details!

    That's just mean. ;)

  4. spring is coming, if nothing else youe life can suck in warm weather


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