Friday, February 6, 2009

Fabulous Find Friday

Turns out this whole exercise thing is not a one night stand. I've actually been at it for 3 whole weeks now. Consecutively. You're speechless. I just know it.

After the first week, I have to admit, I started getting kind of bored. What do I need to keep it fresh I thought. Music. Of course. How else am I suppose to get less flabby sculpted and toned without the audio aid of super amped up hip hop and the likes. Unfortunately the last time I owned a portable music player was in high school when having a discman wasn't such a bad thing. So I went to my trusty friend,, and researched my choices in the MP3 category. Time to introduce my new BFF. The Samsung Y-S2 Pebble.

Available in 5 colors, super small and slim, but still packs great sound. The earbuds come on a lanyard designed to be worn around your neck. Very convenient for my half walk, half jog, half falling down routine. I love how it looks and how inconspicuous it is. You don't have to be all in someones face rockin out acting all cool cause you can listen to your music instead of listening to them. And don't even pretend you don't do that. I did it just the other day in the doc's waiting room when this super annoying hillbilly was trying to tell me all about his almost Master's degree. Whatevah, dude.

This little player holds 13 hours of music and will play for 13 hours on one charge. The cool thing is it automatically charges when plugged into your USB port. It supports MP3, WMA, and Ogg audio formats.

If you can't tell, I am totally in love with my Pebble. If you're in the market for such a device, I highly recommend you try this one. Very reasonable priced and a great gift idea as well.

Just remember, the next time you're talking to me and I'm all nodding my head like I hear ya and empathize with everything you're saying, I may or may not just be totally ignoring you.

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  1. cute! im proud of you and jealous that my fat ass still hasnt started! keep it up, skinny legs!


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